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Jellybean Week 6. Training Foundations for ‘On Your Bed’.

Jellybean has been learning ‘On Your Bed’ recently.  We started sowing the seeds that his bed is a great place to be, really early on, using basic shaping, as seen with Rossi at the start of this video. We have only progressed training further in the past few weeks. This is a really fun exercise and handy too. All my dogs learn to go and settle on a mat/bed as part of their training. On your bed can be used as the basis for a solid stay, relaxed behaviour in public, sendaways for competition Obedience or Working Trials, holding position on the start line at agility and domestically, a great command to have when people visit your home and you don’t want the dogs rushing to the door. This exercise is also part of the Kennel Club Good Citizen Gold level test in the UK.

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