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Training your dog to lie down.

Terrier Puppy Connie learns how to lie down. Connie was 16 weeks when this video was taken & this was her first training session.
Using kibble & a clicker, it’s easy to train your dog to lie down in 5 easy steps.
Stage 1: Lure your dog into a down using food, then click/treat. I feed away from position to teach the dog the click means ‘get up’, you’re free.
Stage 2: Remove the food from your hand, but use a hand signal to show the dog the down position, just as if there was food there. Click/treat.
Stage 3: Show the dog what’s on offer & wait. Most smart dogs gamble that in order to get the food, they should do what you’ve just spent time showing them. Ie. ‘down has got me treats recently, I’ll try that one’. Click/treat.
Stage 4: Add the verbal command ‘down’ just before the dog is about to lie down. He will learn by association.
Stage 5: Withhold the click. If the click has always signals to your dog that they can get up, no click must mean stay put! Gradually withhold the click for longer & longer each time but keep your dog guessing, sometimes wait 10 secs, sometimes 3, sometimes 20 sec before click/treat. Now you’re not clicking for lying down, but for staying down!

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