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Dog Training & Behaviour Newcastle


Behaviour Consultations/One to One Training

Muttamorphosis offers one-to-one consultations to tackle the challenges that can arise day to day when owning a dog. These range from basic training issues, such as jumping-up/greeting guests, house-training & recall, to more serious problems such as aggression, separation anxiety & challenging behaviour.  We only use positive, non-confrontational methods to correct behaviour & usually try to get the whole family involved in the behaviour modification or retraining programme.

Consultations take place Monday to Friday at 9.30am, 11.30am, 2.30pm or 4.30pm.  An initial session for behaviour/training cases lasts an hour & a half & cost £80. There is then an option to make a block booking of 4 hour long sessions at a reduced rate of £180.  Consultations are supported with a full written training programme, tailored for you & your dog, so that the whole family can follow the new routine.  A reduced rate is available for rescue dogs from registered charities.

While most of our private consultation clients come directly from vet referrals, we welcome inquiries from anyone who is worried or concerned about their pets behaviour or wishes to improve their training.  Please get in touch using the contact form for more information.

Preparing for your new arrival-how will the dog handle it?

Increasingly clients are getting in touch to ask advice on how best to introduce a new baby to the family dog and what sensible precautions can be taken to make the transition an easy one.  Muttamorphosis Dog Training & Behaviour offers home visits to help prepare the parents-to-be and their dog for the new baby’s arrival.  It is hoped that with our help, the baby causes the least amount of worry to the dog and dog causes the least amount of worry to the parents and baby.  We also help with logistical issues when it comes to raising child friendly dogs and dog friendly children.

Consultations take place within the home with all family members present, at a time which suits you. Sessions last an hour and a half and cost £80 with a full written training programme offered following the meeting so that everyone can implement the new rules. It is advised that parents start preparing the dog and family for the new arrival as early as possible so that the dog doesn’t associate any changes with the baby being brought home. Please get in touch for more information. Listen to the podcast on Week 29 here, for Sue from Muttamorphosis on Metro Radio discussing new baby/dog preparations.

Choosing the Right Puppy or Rescue Dog for You-Free Service!

From our experience in meeting clients, it has become clear that many people often feel overwhelmed when they begin the search for their new companion.

Purebred or crossbreed, rescue or pedigree?  Muttamorphosis Dog Training & Behaviour can help to advise you on the best choice for your family at a free pre-purchase phone consultation.  We can help you look for breeders who take puppy rearing seriously both from a temperament, health and socialisation perspective. Muttamorphosis can advise what you should expect from a good breeder, thus ensuring the dog you bring home has had the best start in life and should fit into his new home with ease.  A good place to start is with Dr. Ian Dunbar’s book ‘Before You Get Your Puppy’ listed on my recommended products page.

With almost 20 years of experience in dog rescue,  Sue McCabe of Muttamorphosis Dog Training & Behaviour has fostered over 70 dogs and also owns 3 rescue dogs.  She can advice you on what expect from your search and help you decide on the choice of dog to best suit your lifestyle and family.